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10 Fashion Hacks That Will Change Your Life in 2020

hey guys what’s up mystery girl JULEE here welcome back to my website i did a fashion hacks a while back and you guys loved it so so so much that i thought i would gather up some new 10 fashion hacks in 2020 to show you guys as always these hacks are super easy it’s super quick takes under a minute and no sewing required so anyone can do it in this first time.

10 fashion hacks in 2020 List

#1 Special Cross Knot

10 fashion hacks in 2020

I’m showing you guys how to tie a cute little knot at the front with your t-shirt and normally you would tie it and i don’t know there’s like so many different ways you can tie it but i found the best way is to just take the two sides of your t-shirt cross it over and then twist it and use one of the twisty ends and just wrap it around the other twist the end and that way you create this like perfect kind of like a messy but not really messy kind of like try-hard looking thing well it’s actually really simple i find out most other knots tend to just fall apart when you’re like moving about your t-shirt but this not actually stayed in place and if you want to secure it further just take a clear and lastly like I’m doing here and just wrap it around.


#2 Dress To Skirt

10 fashion hacks in 2020

The second hack is one of my favourites for spring and summer and it is turning your simple dress into a skirt so say for example you really really like the pattern of this dress but they don’t come in a skirt format then you would simply just unzip the dress what you want to do is you want to fold it inwards down and basically stop at the point where your waist begins Pat it down smooth it out on the inside and in my case I had to zip the zipper half way at the back here but if there’s no zippers on your dress it’s even better because you don’t have to be like tempering around with zippers and stuff and if you find that it’s falling down and not staying in place on your waist you can just throw it about like I’m doing here because there are no belt loops in this case we’re just gonna be using our good old elastic band belt hoop trick I actually covered this hack in detail on my other hacks video so make sure you check it out if you haven’t seen it yeah there you just turn your cute little dress into a summery skirt save material save closet space save money.


#3 Scarf Knot

10 fashion hacks in 2020

The next pack is for those of you who want to spice up your boring old white t-shirt not the first you just need to tie your t-shirt into a knot it doesn’t have to look perfect you can even just use an elastic and then just hi as is and I’m just using a simple hair scarf here and tie it around the first knot just once tuck the knot or fold it inwards and then just use the remaining of the scar up to tie into a nut or a bow-tie you can experiment with different accessories and you can’t even tie at the back if you want it’s another trend that I’ve been noticing going around and that is tied back tops and this way you can literally pair any t-shirt with any hair accessories and it’s going to look cute and different each time.


#4 No-Show Tie-Front Tops

10 fashion hacks in 2020

The next hack here I’m just showing you guys how to wear a bra or a bralette under a tie front top and tie it normally like outside your bra let and have it show but if you want to conceal your bra there’s a way to do it so first you want to take the to slice up the shirt and tie it halfway into a nod but not all the way and with your inner loop you’re gonna tuck it underneath your bra leg and now with your other hand pull it out from underneath were brought up from the top and then secure and a knot in the middle here this way you can hide your bra lads and you can even tie it as tight as you want I find s especially useful for like bathing suits and cover-ups and also you know those like skimpy body-con dresses where it’s cut out here and then you have to like tie a knot but somehow I have to like conceal your bra at the same time.


#5 Jeans Too Big?

10 fashion hacks in 2020

if your denim jeans are a bit too large for you around the waist so here’s another way you can tighten the waist of your denim jeans all you wouldn’t meet is like a stream of some kind so you can take like shoelace or even some ribbons or even like a bra strap of your bikinis you take the string and you loop it around the back three belt hoops and then you tie it into a bow tie and then once you have a bow tie all you would need to do is flip it inside and tuck it into your DS if you want it to be more undetectable I suggest using a piece of string that’s the same color or close to the same color as your denim bottom depending on how loose the waist was to begin with it might look a little bit scrunched up near the back but then you can just throw a belt over it and it’s gonna hide all the scrunch down this I know I’ve covered a lot of hacks for jeans that are too big around the waist.


#6 Jeans Too Tight

10 fashion hacks in 2020

But what if your jeans are too tight around the waist for you so in this case all you to do is to secure and hair elastic i just realised the MVP of this video here elastics saving my ass you just want to loop it around the button and then through the other side of the buttonhole and then backwards onto the button the only downside to this is that you with me to wear something that goes over that to cover it up so in my case I’m just wearing a relaxed sweater that you can’t really see underneath that and you’re not unless I’m like breaking out into like jumping jacks in the middle of randomly you wouldn’t be able to see this this is also a really really good hack during pregnancy i know i used it during my own pregnancy on my denim save your money you don’t need to get maternity denims just use this hack.


#7 Zipper Won’t Stay Up

10 fashion hacks in 2020

So i don’t know about you but sometimes I’ve had really embarrassing situations where the zipper on my jeans just doesn’t like to stay up so sometimes I’ll just be like walking around for hours with a gap in my jeans so one way to prevent this is just to use an elastic band it can just be a hair tie I’m using a clear elastic this time but you can use like whatever you laughs I can’t up lying around at home loop the elastic bands through the zipper hole and then you can zip it up and then use the other end of the elastic to loop it around the button this way I promise it’s not gonna fall down again.


#8 Toe Rips On Tights

10 fashion hacks in 2020

This next hack I’m so excited it’s for people like me who loved to wear tights and leggings and come on let’s be honest even the most expensive pair of nylons can rip around the toe if you’re not careful today these guys to their rescue this is just a normal cotton black sock and this is just a nylon black sauce you want to put on these first before you put on your tights I’m being crazy I’m wearing one that each foot just to show you guys what its gonna look like if you’re weighing like semi sheer or like your opaque tights you can’t really tell that you’re wearing something underneath it’s gonna be so much harder for your toe to manage to rip a hole in your tights of your randy’s underneath.


#9 Tights Won’t Stay Up

10 fashion hacks in 2020

Oh well yeah that’s what I’ve had also moments where I’m wearing a pair of tights and I’m wearing i could dress over or skirt over and then when I’m walking around i realised that my tights car like gradually slipping down so one way to fix this if your tights won’t stay up is just to use a pair of high waisted underwear or highways the swimwear he just basically wear it over your tights because it’s high-waisted and hopefully tighter than your type is going to keep it in place and prevent it from falling down another great option is to use something like shape wear I’m just wearing a super-duper high waisted undergarment that looks like this it actually like sucks all your tummy in and then you get the added bonus of your tummy looking flatter if you’re wearing like a body-con dress.


#10 Regular Top To Crop Top (Bra Tuck v2)

10 fashion hacks in 2020

I also covered how to turn your regular shirt or tops into a crop fitting top and that is just a tuck it underneath your bra at the front here what this does is it creates this like weird-looking bulge on this side into the back here when it’s not tucked in so I’m calling this hack bra tuck v2 and what you basically need to do is just to take the two sides of your shirt and you just want to twist it until the height of the top is where you want it to be cropped at and then you’re going to take the two side loops fold it in and tuck it into the sides of your bra this way you can tuck in the front side and bag off your top at an even pace without constantly having to like twist and check to see if they’re even.


This is all 10 fashion hacks in 2020. Now i have covered 10 fashion hacks in 2020  in this article. you can write your comment in comment section if you have any other idea about 10 fashion hacks in 2020 feel free to contact me here.




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