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2020 FASHION TRENDS | 10 Trends That You Can Actually Wear

Hi guys it’s 2020 fashion trends and we all feel that new style and fashion energy and I think this is the perfect time for setting some goals for yourself and just to be creative and I also think this is a great time to talk about some trends that we’re all probably gonna see this year I did my own research and some of the trends that I’m gonna discuss with you today I’ve really seen on Instagram and YouTube from time to time but some of them are completely new 2020 fashion trends but I really like them and I’m sure they’re even more trans out there but the ones that I’m gonna show you today I think the major ones and the ones that I personally like I’m gonna wear this year I also think that all the strands that you will see on this article today it’s totally doable not only for runaway or Instagram photo but in real life. Let’s dig into it.




This year we’re gonna see leather in all shapes and colours and especially colourful leather pieces definitely will be a thing I’m more calm colours type of person usually wear like black and white and Gray denim stuff like that so i chose for myself this plain basic black shirt that I’ve seen already a few times on Instagram and i like how it looks and also how easy it can be feed into a casual outfit so I will try to get myself this one i found this in one on aces and ancient them and i think i will probably try to find something similar at the thrift store and if i couldn’t i will probably buy it online but if you’re more risky you can try something more edgy like bright leather shirts or jumpsuit there will be a lot of option this year.




This is one of the trim that I didn’t know about until recently but I like it right away I like to style maxi skirts during the summer especially Danny ones and I think this trend is a great alternative also the great thing if you have an assumed machine you can easily a DIY this trend for yourself and I’m dreaming about getting soon machine and a little freaked sleeps and redo my old clothes.




The strand is not super new but this bustier corset style tops will be hit this summer and I also think this is a great chance to play on contrast and style this so feminine Lynne trapeze with more street style clothes like mix it with baggy pants or even a sweat pants and also wear it with a man laser or oversized leather jacket on top will be also a great idea.




This is the trend that I find really interesting and there are so many options on how you can use this trend and your outfit you can go for both sides or one side pad but my personal favourite is front cat and I found for you for you cute front cat shirts at Nasty Gal and once again I will put all links in description so don’t forget to check out the description box and I also think this is a great trend for summer because like I live in Houston Texas and summer here can be extremely hot so it’s not just trendy but also let your skin breathe so I’m really excited about this one.




All this suit strands have been around for a while now but in the last few years it usually was media skirts suit and now it’s all about shirts someone can find it odd but I like the strap I was wearing my birth mother shirts of the time last summer all this shirts to trend came to us from the 80s but now it made with more trendy more modern style Blazers this suits you can easily dress up with some heels or dress down with some sneakers and if you think that classic suit is super boring you can go for something more interesting like the leather ones or nylon ones and this actually is a trend that is so easy to recreate on a budget you can just go to the thrift store find a perfect man’s winter suit and just cut out the pants and here we are.




This trend already all over the Instagram now the main idea is that your bag needs their own little bags one of the most popular one now is the Prada 1 and this bag is everywhere but also a lot of brands have released similar bags I think the Prada one is gorgeous but it’s around $2,000 so I found a few also pretty but much more affordable bags.




The next round is the platform it’s also been around for a while but it’s only going to get bigger in 2020 fashion trends but this year it’s not only about flat platforms but also about Hills similar to ones from 70s and 80s and I think this is a great trend because for me the platform feels so much more comfortable than normal Hills and if you ask me about flat platforms they’re still here it’s still thing so you can safely wear your favourite platform Campbell boots or chunky sneakers like I’m going to this.




A trend from our grandma’s but in a new modern way crochet is perfect for summer and the biggest trend probably will be the crocheted dresses it’s a great thing to wear over a bikini when you go to the beach or something but at the same time I saw a few examples on how this crochet trend can be styled in a casual street style more urban outfit I think this trad it’s all about it fantasy you can take some crochet top and put it right on your skin or wear it over tea or even over turtleneck.




The next round is not my personal favourite but I think I have to say about it it’s not piece of clothes but colour as you know every year Pantone is choosing colour of the year and this time it’s classic blue don’t like this colour but if you do it would be cool if you can add some blue into your colour palette this year it can be one bright piece like the coat or the pants or you can go for a total blue outfit and I think the classic blue now is like the neon green was last year.




The last thing that we’re gonna talk about today it’s not a piece of cloth it’s not even a colour but it’s a movement in session not online fashion but we’re gonna talk about fashion here it’s a great movement that is rapidly growing right now and it calls sustainability I’m sure a lot of you already heard something about that for the ones who don’t know the sustainability in fashion industry is the movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system toward greater ecological integrity and social justice it’s a whole concept that includes smart consumption Eco-friendly packaging avoiding fast fashion brands and disposable clothes and at the same time decent paychecks and work condition to the manufacturers employees.


I think it would be great if each one of you this year 2020 fashion trends will make the wrong little step for more Eco-friendly reasonable shopping and if you’re like me just obsessed with fashion and can’t imagine yourself without shopping constantly please keep in mind that thrift and retail stores can be a great alternative for fast 2020 fashion trends brands and also don’t forget to check out my deep up shop I’m thrifting a lot of cool new stuff for you every week so it was it for today let me know in the comments if meet some major trends so we can all learn from each other and thank you so much for reading.




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