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Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020 United States US

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020. Who wants to talk about fashion trends today?

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kind of the newest and most exciting trends for Spring 2020.

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Hi, ladies, it’s JULEE, and welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, welcome. I cover the trends every season. It is among some of my favourite article to write and talk about Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020 because it is a topic that I think is exciting and it’s new and it’s fresh.

So as with all trends, I don’t think you have to wear them. It’s just totally up to you. Jives with your style? Feels comfortable to you? Really fits and flatters your body. You should always think about your body type first and trends are secondary. So if you haven’t already kind of drilled down and figured out your body shape, every season, I take a look at the Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020.

I like to know what’s going on. I like to know what’s new and fresh, but then I’m going to cherry pick and I’m going to select the ones that again, work for body shape and also speak to me, my preferred aesthetic and my preferred style. Not all of it’s going to work for everybody. We’re just shopping ’em. We’re shopping the trends. I love that. So I’m going to give you the Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020 and then you decide which trend you like best for your body shape, your budget, and also, which ones you want to shop.


List Of Top 10 Spring Fashion Trends 2020.


Trend #1 | Crochet

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The first one is crochet everything. Crochet is huge. It was huge on the runways, and it will definitely be big this spring. An easy way to try a crochet trend is to do a crochet swim cover-up or a crochet top. Obviously these are sheer tops, kind of like the one I have on right now, and all you do is exactly what I’m doing here.

You put on a top underneath so you don’t see all your lady parts underneath, right? So just be thinking about the undergarments with crochet pieces, but I feel like it adds a lot of texture to your looks. You have kind of a basic look. It’s really great to add that textured piece. And I think crochet’s wearable regardless of age, as long as you keep it tasteful with the undergarments and you really kind of strategically select pieces that are right for your body shape.


Trend #2 | Scarlet

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

So that’s trend number one. Trend number two is the color scarlet. Ooh, I love this color. It is a bright, cherry red. Just the most beautiful red. And it looks good on so many different skin tones. So try red. Play around with it. It’s such a statement power color. It’s such a beautiful standout color. If you’re going to something special and you really want to kill it, knock it out of the park in the style department, go with a bold color like this. Step out of that comfort zone. Give it a whirl.

Other colors that were really popular on the runways are mint green. I don’t know about that one for me.

Orange, pink, I am in love with pink as many of you already know.

Yellow, I love yellow. I especially love yellow on blondes. The pale yellow and then the deeper yellows are so good on other skin tones and other hair colors.

Neon, oh, my word. That one I actually remember wearing in the 80s. (laughs) And now it’s back. I mean, we talked about this last year, neon being back, and I still don’t see it in regular everyday life. I think how you could incorporate that if you want to be getting a pair of sling back pumps in neon yellow or neon pink, or maybe trying a pop of the neon with an accessory, like a handbag or a pair of earrings. Something like that. Just maybe one little tiny piece of neon.

And then another color, the Pantone color, is classic blue. That’s more like Nantucket blue. Just a really traditional blue.


Trend #3 | Hot Pants

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The third trend is probably the toughest to wear for just about everybody, hot pants. And by hot pants, I mean Daisy Dukes times two. They’re actually shorter than Daisy Dukes. Actually, they really look like a swimsuit bottom in the form of a pair of shorts. So I’m not sure where you’re going in these.

Maybe you’re down in South Beach and you’re rocking the pool scene in South Beach in your hot pants, or the club scene. But other than that, I really don’t know where you’re wearing them. I’m not going to try ’em, just saying, full disclosure. Not going to do it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try them. If you are feeling like you want to rock those hot pants then you do it. You get those hot pants on and you strut your stuff.


Trend #4 | Bra Tops

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The fourth trend is along the lines of the hot pants, but a little less crazy, and that is a bra top. It is exactly what it sounds like. A bra top. A bra as a top. If you’re like me and you’re like, “I’m probably not going to wear a bra top,” a way that you can actually interpret this trend that’s much more wearable is to have a lacy bra peeping out from a camisole or peeping out from a closed blazer or jacket. That’s a very wearable way to try this trend. I think that for full on bra top, that again is gonna be challenging, I think regardless of your age.

I think you have to pretty much have your ducks in a row with your body. (laughs) But I think there’s modifications on this that make it much more wearable than just having that bra peeping out. Maybe not wearing it as a solo top. I think it’s, another way you could try it is by wearing the bra top underneath something sheer. That might make you feel more comfortable, too. So those are two pretty wearable options for the bra top.


Trend #5 | Spring Leather

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The next trend I wanna talk about is spring leather, and this one is probably my favourite. Well, not probably, it is my favourite. I love leather, faux leather, so I’ve talked about a line before that I really enjoy. It’s a line, a designer from Budapest. Her line is called Nanushka. Her pieces are fabulous, so I have two tops now by Nanushka. I just like to say it, sorry, Nanushka. They’re exquisite, I love them. I feel like they’re so special and they’re perfect out to dinner, “I wanna feel special” tops. They do run a bit shorter, so that’s a consideration. When I wear my Nanushka tops, said it again, I always do a high-rise pant or jean to kind of make sure that I’m covered there in the midriff department.

So that’s a consideration. If you have a really long torso, the fit on those tops may be totally off for you, but if you have a proportionate upper body or even a shorter upper body, those are gonna be just fabulous on you.

Another fun element to the spring leather is it’s all colors. Rainbow of colors. You’ve got ivory, beige, brown, black, pink, orange, yellow. Every color, faux leather, so cool, love it. Makes everything edgy, but in those lighter colors, definitely a little more feminine and spring-like.


Trend #6 | Tropical Print

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Next trend is one of those where, man, for me to do it, I’m really gonna have to be stepping out of my comfort zone, and that is tropical print. So many of you may recall the video of Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo, walking the runway for Versace in the modern version of her now infamous Versace dress from the year 2000 that was quite plunging in the front with this really bold tropical print. That dress by the way, in that moment, was the reason that Google created Google Images, which is just crazy because so many people searched for Jennifer Lopez in that dress. She did a current version of that dress very recently and that, I think, has something to do with this resurgence of tropical prints.

I can totally see any of us rocking a tropical print on vacation, so it’s the perfect vacation print. I call it vacation camo. But if wanna wear it in your day-to-day, maybe you do something simple like just maybe you try a top, or maybe you do a caftan with jeans. That would be really chic. You could play around and you can find ways I think to incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe this spring.


Trend #7 | 60s & 70s Inspired Prints

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Next up, you’ve got 60s and 70s inspired prints. Big bold prints, the loud colors, giant shapes. And the only thing you gotta think about with prints in general, and you guys have heard me talking about this rule before in my Look Slimmer video, which I will link below if you haven’t seen it. That’s a great video. But anyway, when you want to look smaller, you do a smaller scale print. So the tricky part about these bigger bolder prints that harken back to the 60s, 70s are that they’re not as forgiving as a smaller scale print. It’s going to call more attention to wherever you put it. So just be thinking about that.

So if you’re like, “Yeah, I really love my chest and upper body,” maybe you do the crazy print on top. Or if you like our inverted triangle and the lower body is the smaller part and you want to balance it out a bit, you could do a big bold print, tropical print or 70s, 60s print on your lower half, and that’s how you can balance out that proportion. So being very strategic about where you place the prints is a good thing to think about. If you really love prints, this is your moment.


Trend #8 | Sequins

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

The next trend I wanna talk about are sequins, and I feel like sequins are always in. Just sometimes they’re more in than normal, and right now, they are huge. And it’s not just your typical sequins. It’s muted sequins and different colored sequins. I have a sequined white blazer, sequined dresses, sequined pants. Anything sequined, so cool, so great. And for spring, you may want to think about lighter colors, more feminine colors with your sequins, and making them wearable for daytime. So maybe you do, like I wear a lot my white blazer for daytime that is also sequined, so you can incorporate some sequin pieces into your daytime wear, just be a bit strategic about it. Maybe when you’re selecting that sequined piece, you think about that. “Is it wearable for day? “Is it something I can include in my daily wardrobe?”


Trend #9 | Shorts Suits

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Next up is the shorts suit, and I definitely mentioned this last year I believe, because I talked about the yellow short suit I wore to a blogger conference that I absolutely love. But the new version of the shorts suit is that shorts in any length really. So not just a shorter short. We’re talking about Bermuda length, like knee-length. And then even wider leg shorts as well. More like a (in foreign language), but shorter. Those are really on trend.

I really don’t see that working in many people’s office environments, but if you have a really progressive environment or if it’s a fashion environment, that is definitely a trend you can jump on. And then I think just thinking about maybe rocking your shorts a little bit more this spring-summer and thinking about investing in a pair of longer shorts, because that’s going to be really flattering on most all of us.So maybe playing around and trying with different short lengths for spring-summer and maybe reserving those shorts suits for something a little more fun like dinner out or you’re going to a party. It’s really unexpected and cool to wear the shorts suit. That’s how you can kind of work it into your wardrobe if you can’t wear it to the office.


Trend #10 | Corsets

Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020

And the last trend I wanna talk about are corsets. Here’s another one where it’s a little bit tricky to wear. You really have to be drawn to this trend to try it. It’s also tricky the fit through the bust. But I did see it layered a lot on the runway, so it wasn’t just the corset on its own. It was a corset under a jacket or a corset under a beautifully draped long-line blazer, or a corset layered over a simple white tee.

There are ways that you can make it more tasteful and interesting and make it more wearable for you and more practical. Also, there are a lot of dresses with the corset top detailing, and that’s a really cool look as well. If you have a special thing coming up, you could always look for a corset dress as a very fashion forward, pushing the envelope, risk taking-type piece.


Latest Spring Fashion Trends 2020 United States US



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