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Top 10 Wearable Summer Fashion Trends 2020

Hi everyone I don’t know about you guys but I am ready for summer and I’m also so excited because they are finally lifting restrictions on lock down so we can finally go places is I mean we’re not going as many places maybe as we used to but I’ll take anything say I’m going to show you the top 10 most wearable summer fashion trends 2020 operative word wearable because I feel like this time this summer is just a little different and I want to give you guys trends that you can actually wear a lot of these things in 2020 are under $100 actually a lot of these things are under 50 if you’re new to my blog I would love for you to tap that subscribe button right there and let’s get into it.

List Of summer fashion trends 2020


summer fashion trends 2020

First trend in no particular order are volume shoulder tops so basically this is a nod to the 80s and I’m wearing it right here this is from a sauce and you just see this exaggerated kind of bulky shoulder and some of these tops have shoulder pads and that’s cool too I just kind of love this my biggest tip when wearing these is to make sure you’re not wearing your ratty bra you know we all have them our new bras that maybe we haven’t washed up a while you definitely want to wear your clean bra or I suggest wearing a bra lap but the hero part of this outfit for me.



summer fashion trends 2020

Leads into my next trend or just seeing a ton of bias cut and slip skirts in fashion this one is pretty and this in all the colors and you know what I love about this is its comfortable and you can just pair a t-shirt and slides just a simple effortless little outfit.



summer fashion trends 2020

This next trend is another functional one honey oh yeah just put on like this the belt bag fanny pack whatever you want to call it it took me a while to get on board because I have just bad memories of my knee on fanny packs from when I was like 10 years old and I’m just like I’m not going back there but you guys it’s truly the most functional handbag that you can have and I prefer it slung across my chest easy access super easy and this one so chic I love this little stripe detail a good accent to all of your outfits it was roomy like this outfit to proceed with caution.



summer fashion trends 2020

With this next one because it is a tricky one three terms denim Bermuda cut off yeah I’m into him they’re functional too quickly these are hard to pull off but you know like I say you just have to wear it if you feel it if you put it on you feel good just wear it and that’s how I felt about these are from cotton on and I like that there’s room they’re not super tight around the legs and to give me some elongation i paired them with these gorgeous heels that i just got these are super comfortable have you guys know I don’t wear heels that much anymore the older I get the lower my heels get in these babies are super comfy.



summer fashion trends 2020

 Next up boxy crop tops what do you guys think I’m loving it because I love to have room in the midsection I think it’s great with high waisted pants and shorts you guys know I’m a structure Queen I love structure and tailoring so that’s probably why I was drawn to this and yeah just the easy top in a great summer cut if you can’t hear me you can definitely see me this summer when I’m wearing this.



summer fashion trends 2020

Next trend chartreuse I know for some of you guys it’s probably called lime and that’s fine as well definitely a lot it may not be for everyone if it is too much for you you can definitely implement a touch of it with a little handbag or if you’re so adventurous you can double chartreuse it I love a little double color action um this is just it’s just a fun vibrant color and that’s why it made my list.



summer fashion trends 2020

Let’s talk about a jewellery trend that I have been wearing for a while I’ve actually been hiding them because I wanted the big reveal you know what I’m saying chain jewellery we’re seeing a lot of this classic I mean this is as classic as a chain get but a little bulkier then we have normally seen in previous years put it on I just love the edge about it and I love the strong statement I wear mine all the time you guys always ask me about my necklaces and all of my necklaces are vintage or custom made but you guys don’t need to spend a ton of money for some TyTy is a year-round staple for me.



summer fashion trends 2020

It kind of trends in and out of fashion and this year specifically we are seeing it everywhere and it took me a while but then I saw this shirt and it was like what’s not to love all the pastel and I particularly like it when it’s a little bit more oversized slouchy and boyfriend style and I took this top I just knotted in the front so I’m here for tie-dye.



summer fashion trends 2020

At least this year ok definitely the most conservative trend of the bunch knit polos there is definitely a nod to the 60s with these and I like you know the sleeves a little longer it’s kind of a three-quarter three-quarter almost I don’t know whatever this one’s from eberlein and I just love kind of the rib texture you see I feel like it makes look big this.



summer fashion trends 2020

Next trend is truly this simple it will it’s not a tip it’s a trend is the simplest of the bunch knotted front tops but for me I like to buy a bigger size in a button-down so I have that oversized slouch up top and then I really cinch it in the way so super simple trend tip mashup.




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