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Top 5 Jean Trends For Spring 2021 United State

I’m going to be sharing with you 5 essential denim that i think you need in your wardrobe by denim i actually mean jeans so 5 essential jeans that i think you need this season to be fashionable and trendy so jeans are a staple part of our wardrobe we wear them almost every single day i don’t know about you but i am always in a pair of jean trends for spring 2021 but i know it’s so difficult to get the right fitting pair of jeans so today i’m gonna be sharing with you five different cuts and styles that i think are essential for your spring and your 2021 wardrobe so without further ado let’s jump straight to the jean trends for spring 2021


1. Mom Jeans

So the first pair of jeans i’m going to talk about is the Mom Jean if you don’t know the mom jean is kind of like an 80s inspired jeans that the jeans that i think the moms used to wear in the 80s i think it’s called the mom Jean because it’s very forgiving here so it kind of cinches you in at the waist and covers up this mom pouch that if you’ve had kids you know what i’m talking about anyway so i love the mom jeans because they’re so forgiving they give you a waist they sent you in at the waist but they kind of loosened out in the hip area and they go down to almost like a straight leg but not a straight leg it’s kind of loose at the end they’re not tight like a skinny jean so they kind of hide a lot of things they’re very forgiving so the mom jean i love they’re usually high-waisted this pair.


2. Slouchy Jeans

So the next pair of jeans i like to talk to you about is the slouchy jeans now Zara probably made these popular last year and they’re still writing very strong in 2021 i love the slouchy jeans because just like the mom jeans they stink you in other ways they’re really high-waisted but they sort of balloon out in the hip and the butt and the thigh area now some people call this balloon jeans some people call them slouchy jeans but they really are the same thing they look the same and they fit the same so it’s basically gonna cinch you in other ways they’re usually very high waisted and they just sort of balloon out in the hip and the butt area i like to fold mine at the hem because i’m really tall i’m like 510 and i hardly ever find jeans that are long enough for me but i really love these jeans because they look like really classy jeans and you can really dress them up in different ways here i’ve just paid my with a body suit because i just want to show you guys the jeans i want the focus to be on the jeans and not on my top or shoes or anything like that.


3. Pleated Jeans

So the next pair of jeans are absolutely essential in your wardrobe for spring 2021 are the pleated jeans now these genes are genes that come with dots in front they come with little in front and they sort of gather you in at the waist they’re usually very very high waisted and the dots just seem to give you a little bit more of a figure a little bit more of a shape in front now these are not as forgiving as the mom jeans so if you do have things you’d like to hide in front i wouldn’t recommend these but the reason why these jeans are so popular right now is that they really look dressy they really look like a step above normal denim i really really love these jeans these ones that i have are from Zara and they’re kind of like a combination of the slouchy and the pleated because they have the pleats but it also balloons out as well so i really love these jeans i feel they look really classy and you can really dress these up i love these jeans and if you haven’t tried a pleated Jean i think you definitely should it tried an out Zara has them Express mango a lot of fast fashion brands have these jeans so definitely pick one up.


4. Flare Jeans

the next pair of jeans are definitely a staple or should be a staple year in year out they are the flared jeans now the flag kind of took a step back when skinny jeans came out and everyone was wearing skinny jeans but in recent years last year and this in particular a lot of people are going back to when flared jeans boot-cut jeans really long fled jeans these one that i have are from fashion over i like them because they have this button detail at the end and you can open these up so that you know you could get that open hem that’s really the rage right now these jeans i really love they’re kind of gray and they have like a little wash in the middle but a fledging is great you can wear them with boots you can wear the heels you can dress them up or dress them down if you’re also a curvier woman a fledging kind of balances you out a little bit in the end because they’re not too tight in the ankle.


5. Wide Leg Jeans

so the next pair of jeans you definitely should invest in are a pair of wide leg jeans i’ve got this one here from fashion over and as you can see they’re really wide leg now i know a lot of people are scared of when a wide leg jeans but trust me if you get the right cut and the right fit these look absolutely gorgeous with a nice shirt and nice blouse on top a pair of boots or pair of sandals and you definitely be rocking the trend.


Season Of Slim Straight

The last jeans i think you definitely need in your wardrobe this season is the slim strength now the slim straight is kind of like a straight-leg Jean but it’s a little slimmer than that so it kind of cinches you in and is a little bit more form-fitting than the usual straight leg jeans because some straight leg jeans are actually a lot looser and baggy but the slim straight is really slim but it’s straight and it just kind of is kind of like the same length from top to bottom so i have this one from fashion over and as you can see the it’s just a straight-leg Jean it doesn’t cinch in at the ankle or anything like that is straight from top to bottom this one is distressed as well but you don’t have to get distressed one you can get like one that doesn’t have any rips or any distress on anything like that.




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