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Top Jean Trends Spring 2020 The best denim must haves for 2020

We’re going to be doing another fashion related and today’s good it’ll end that I’m actually very excited for it because we’re gonna be talking about a piece of clothing that i tend to wear a lot like probably more than i should and i feel like this is like one of those staple pieces i feel like everybody has a pair of jeans so today’s is all gonna be about jeans we’re gonna be talking about the top jean trends spring 2020 that I’m seeing right now for spring of 2020 and I’m gonna be going through them with you guys I’m gonna show you guys different ways to wear them I’m telling you guys the difference between them and I’m gonna be honest with you some of them i just don’t even like and i have them and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to keep them or not because I’m just I’m really not sure at this point so I’m gonna be asking you guys for your opinion as well so we do have a lot of stuff to go over here. I talk about makeup and fashion so if you guys like any of those two things you’re gonna really really like this over there you’re definitely gonna be able to see a lot more fashion related content but yeah so we’ve got a lot of stuff to go over and I’m wearing one of the trends right now that we’re gonna get into it a few minutes so if you’re excited don’t forget to hit that like button before we get and let’s start it right now.

List Of Jean Trends Spring 2020


jean trends spring 2020

So we’re gonna start with jean trend number one and I’m wearing it right now so these are called balloon jeans so what our balloon jeans balloon genes are genes they’re a little bit more tight fitted on the top they balloon out a little around the hips and then they taper in around the ankles so it’s kind of like imagine like a kind of like a balloon shape this is a tricky trend i have to admit now one thing that i do like about this trend is i am 5 3 anytime that i wear things that are a little bit balloon ish sometimes i can look not very good so what’s interesting about this balloon style and it’s and specifically the one i have on right now from mango the way that taper around the ankle actually makes it look a little bit more flattering so let’s say that you’re somebody who maybe is a little bit thinner and maybe you don’t have hips this is gonna give you more of an illusion of a smaller waist bigger but small ankles so it’s gonna do like kind of like you know that I like these that I’m wearing right now but I have a complaint I filmed this video yesterday and I styled this with this really cute tank top which you guys will see on my Tryon and it looks so pretty but I didn’t realize where it sits right here it’s like literally up against your ribcage so if it gets too tight around here it will definitely make it look like you’ve got a pouch of fat coming over on the sides and for me it was literally my ribs coming over with a little bit of fat so you have to be careful with the clothes that you pair this with so for me I would definitely pair this with a top that does not cling as much to my skin because it can do a little bit of a little pouch over here outside so that one was a little bit of a when I saw that yesterday in the video I was like wait what’s going on here strange position but this is any time that you’re wearing these like high-waisted type of jeans I like the way that these high-waisted balloon pants work better with something a little looser on the top not too loose because you are getting a lot of volume on the bottom and you definitely have to tuck it in for it to look a little bit nicer but I definitely like it styled this way a lot better now another thing with these jeans and specific it has the pleats in the front and I am NOT a huge pleat person sometimes with pleats for me they just I don’t know they don’t look that good I’m actually liking them on these jeans and I am liking the silhouette it’s giving you it’s not the most flattering from behind it’s a lot more flattering from the front so when I look at these jeans in my collection what I think is this is like a fashionable piece that statement piece Jean that you probably won’t wear every single day but every once in a while you when you want to look super fashionable you wear these jeans and it literally looks super fashionable I really like to pair it with heels especially because of my height it gives me a little bit more height and it makes me look thinner and one more thing I’m going to point out is the color of these jeans this of light gene color is super in for spring of 2020 feel like darker denim has been in primarily recently and now we’re seeing a lot lighter washes so if you don’t have that many lighter washed jeans they are gonna be pretty in so I did want to do like a double trend when I purchased these and it had like the lighter Jean but it also was the balloon and it wasn’t like more of a statement Jean so I’m kind of enjoying that but like I said not a hundred percent convinced let me know down below.



jean trends spring 2020

So let’s move on to jean trends spring 2020 number two that I really like that’s these so this is a boyfriend jean so you guys probably just finished seeing these jeans in my Tryon of the top trends that I’m super excited for for spring of 2020 and these were one of the jeans that I purchased from H&M I love these jeans now these give you that a baggy feel but at the same time they’re kind of flattering in a weird way I like they’re super tight so they’re gonna give you a figure what I like about these is they’re comfortable jeans that are not super tight but they look super stylish I am I’m kind of in awe with how much I really like these jeans I also like that they’re a lighter wash Jean and they have a little bit of a rip on them which makes it a little bit trendier I’ve seen these type of boyfriend jeans without the rips as well and those are also really really cute boyfriend jeans just tend to be a little bit slouchy ER they’re not form-fitted and I definitely always roll these kind of jeans up because I am so short that if I let him be long I I would look like the Jean was just like super oversized for me but I’m living in thee I’ve actually worn these with heels in order to make it look a little bit more I would say more trendy looking it looks really cool with heels but if you put it on with sneakers it still looks super fashionable I’m I’m living for boyfriend jeans I think that they’re fantastic they’ve been around for a little bit but I feel like they’re coming more into fashion now that more loose-fitting items are kind of in and I really like them boyfriend jeans you’ve got my boat especially these I’ve tried on a few that I didn’t like but these are really really good of course guys if you guys are interested in any of the jeans I’m gonna talk about I’m gonna link them all down below because trust me I know sometimes it’s hard to find like those good jeans and some of the ones that I was talking to you about I really really like it.



jean trends spring 2020

So Jean number three I want to share with you guys is this gene right here that I got from forever 21 I are wasted but they’re not as loose as boyfriend jeans but they’re not as tight as skinny jeans I specifically don’t really taper too much on the bottom but they are a little bit more fitted so I would say it’s like a high waisted more relaxed skinny jean and these right here from forever 21 are a great one so I had tried these on in a size 26 at forever 21 and they were actually too big and I ordered these in a 25 online I love these these are great what I really really like about them is they are high waisted but they’re not super super high like these like these are like eggs these are like extremely high these are high waisted but not super high they’re a little bit looser they don’t feel like tight skinny jeans they’re looser fitted I always roll these up just because I like to have a little bit of skin showing it does increase my height a little bit it just makes me look a little taller so I always do that with these kind of jeans and I love these these fit amazing now I told you guys in the past too that I love multiple buttons I just feel like multiple buttons on jeans it kind of sent you in a little bit more anytime I have really high jeans I do like to feel a little bit more cinched in and these are great so these are a really good fine very good deal very good fit I’m excited for these.



jean trends spring 2020

So now we’re gonna be talking about a jean that I honestly would have never thought that I would purchase and there are these right here these are called slouchy jeans slouchy jeans when I went to the mangos sale online they were having like a was it 20% off or 30% off something like that it was a pretty good sale I saw these and they kind of caught my attention I liked the fact that they were a beige color and I didn’t really want to get like another Jean in another jean color so I liked that they were beige I thought maybe I could like dress them up a little bit but they were slouchy so I kind of thought oh I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to wear that when I got them these are so stylish guys I love these jeans these are not tight at all these are super slouchy jeans they are big jeans but they actually look stylish so in other words they don’t just look like you’re wearing parachutes for jeans like it’s not like a big poofy thing they actually taper in a really I sway so I’m loving these these look really good with heels I definitely would recommend if you wear these to kind of like dress them put them on with heels it looks really really pretty and I’ve gotten so many compliments when I’ve worn these and I will tell you guys it’s very strange for me to get compliments wearing jeans that I feel are very loose fitted because I always thought that tighter jeans gave me more of a figure that people would say wow those look so great and then now that I’m wearing like looser jeans I’m like thinking people are gonna be like oh my gosh why did she buy those jeans they’re too big on her but I feel like people are looking at them and going wow that looks trendy and I feel like that’s what these do these give you like that trend factor like that but stylish girl factor that I really really really like so I’m loving these these are another pair that I actually got at mango and I love these these are probably my favorite purchase that I’ve done from the mango sale then these will probably be second and I would totally recommend these for anybody who’s looking for that slouchy Jean look these are really really really nice and I like this color because it does dress the Jean up a little bit more there we go there are a lot more baggy if you can’t tell from the Tryon I do feel like these kind of jeans everybody should roll them up because they are a little bit too slouchy if you kind of leave them unrolled so definitely I would roll these up but these are super cute.



jean trends spring 2020

okay guys so the next Jean is one that this one is the one that I’m on the fence with the most out of all the jeans I’m showing you today so these are like a straight Jean so you guys are gonna see a lot more jeans that are either straight cut or bootcut bootcut and straight cut jeans are more in than your typical skinny jean so this right here is a straight cut Jean so what does that mean it’s a little bit more flowy so it’s going from your hips straight down so it’s giving you a little bit more volume and it’s not really tapering in too much so this is what it looks like if you guys can tell here in the bottom they do leave this so that you can go ahead and cut it to your height I didn’t want to cut these yet because I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to keep them my problem with these jeans is they look very trendy and if you guys see in the trend I’m sure some of you guys are gonna say oh my god that looks so cool because it does it looks like a cool girl Jean now I almost feel like for me it’s a little too cool girl and I don’t know if I would actually wear them because of the fit they’re very very loose fitted they’re very la like I could see this like a California girls dream pant with a nice top like one of my biggest complaints is because it’s so baggy like around the hip area and it never tapers in I almost feel like it makes me look shorter it doesn’t give me any height at all and I feel like when things taper in at the bottom that’s when I feel like I get my height I can’t roll these up because they’re too loose like they’re too much like a box if you try rolling this type of leg up it doesn’t look good it’s not like the boyfriend this type of straight leg is not my favorite I like this color I think it’s a cool color so if you feel like you can pull these off then I I think these are super cool jeans I will be honest with you guys though I’m still on the fence I really don’t know if I would really wear these that often but I could totally see a lot of people loving these type of jeans and the fit of these are pretty good I would only say like they are pretty loose like around after your hip area they kind of bag out a little bit I don’t know to me is just a little too baggy I guess I’m just used to my straight liked skinny girl jeans I’m getting used to this baggy or trend and I’m doing pretty good but it’s hard it’s hard and we’re down to the last Jean.



jean trends spring 2020

So the last Jean I’m gonna be sharing with you guys is this little guy right here and now this is more of a high-waisted jean which you’ve already seen high-waisted jeans are kind of the thing right now we’re seeing a lot of high-waisted jeans and I think that’s because we’re seeing a lot more crop shirts and bra let’s now for the spring so a high-waisted jean does match a lot better we like those type of garments so it makes sense that there’s a lot of high-waisted items that are gonna be available right now but this one is a high waisted skinny so now the reason I like this is you’re still doing that trend of the high-waisted look but you’re getting skinny jeans which if you’re like me and you still love your skinny jeans this is a good way to try a trend but not get rid of what you’re super comfortable with so I love these these are from Target these are amazing I love this color it’s very similar to the color from mango but these are very tight and very form-fitted I like to roll these up as well I really don’t need to I just feel like they look cooler when they’re rolled up with heels they just look better when you’re short you tend to always do that and I love these these have a great fit they have the multiple closure like I told you guys I love to have when I have a higher waisted Jean and they have a great fit these are from Universal threads it’s a very good price and they have so many different colors in these jeans I love these these are really really good the great price which you honestly can’t go wrong with getting a good pair of jeans at a great price.





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